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Corporate Web Site, 3d Product Catalog and Virtual Room Application

The Pearl of Kutahya, Turkey have brought the giant novelty with NG Kütahya Ceramic Mediaclick approach to the project website.

  1. User experience design
  2. Interface design
  3. Mobile design
  4. Frontend Coding
  5. 3D Chart API integration

The website we designed for NG Kütahya Seramik, we made with MediaPress CMSv3, which has the user experience to lead the sector, opens quickly and is SEO compatible.

NG Kütahya Seramik products cannot be adequately understood in terms of both color and texture with photography, so a visit to the store was absolutely necessary. For this reason, we have developed a platform where customers can see the product in its true color and texture, as well as have the chance to combine different room options. The feature of this platform is that it is built on an engine that can render instantaneously on the web, thus allowing countless different alternatives to be tried instantly.

Altin Orumcek 2018 First Retail & Merchandising
Altin Orumcek 2017 Public favorite Retail & Merchandising
Altin Orumcek 2017 First Production & Industry
Altin Orumcek 2017 Second Retail & Merchandising
Horizon Awards 2017 Gold  
The Communicator Awards 2018 Excellence  
W3 Awards 2017 Silver  
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