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MEDIACLICK does its best and invests many resources to provide an equal, respected, accessible and professional service to all our customers. Under regulations that ensure equal rights for Persons with Disabilities, significant effort and resources are invested in making the necessary accessibility adjustments to ensure that a person with a disability receives services provided independently and fairly to all customers.

Turkey, within the scope of the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, signed in 2008, stated that “the importance of access to physical, social, economic and cultural environment, health and education services, information and communication will be recognized in ensuring the full enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by persons with disabilities”.

In the article titled “Accessibility” in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Article 9);

“States Parties shall ensure that persons with disabilities can live independently and participate effectively in all areas of life, and have access to the physical environment, transportation, information and communication facilities, including information and communication technologies and systems, and other public facilities and services, both in rural and urban areas, on an equal basis with other individuals. shall take appropriate measures to ensure access. These measures, which include the detection and removal of barriers to access, apply to, among others, the following:


Accessibility of Internet Website:

In its simplest form, an accessible website is a website that allows elderly people as well as disabled people to browse the site at the same level of efficiency and benefit as all users.

The basic principles of accessibility of websites are covered in the ISO/IEC 40500:2012 standard and WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). The WCAG 2.0 guide consists of 61 internationally recognized criteria determined by the World Wide Web Association (W3C). The determined 61 criteria consist of 3 levels: Level A (25 criteria), Level AA (13 criteria) and Level AAA (23 criteria). Level A principles are the standards expected to be met at the basic level; AA-level principles cover recommended standards, while AAA-level principles include ideally fulfilled standards.

MEDIACLICK believes in and strives to create equal opportunities on the Internet for people with various disabilities and those who use assistive technology for computer use. In this context:

This site meets the requirements of the rights of persons with disabilities as determined by laws and regulations.
Accessibility adjustments were made in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 for online content accessibility at the AA level.
The site is periodically optimized for viewing in common browsers and mobile phone use.
We offer you a WIDGET for features such as screen reading, contrast settings, font settings. With this WIDGET, you can browse our website even without screen reading software. Apart from that, we recommend using the latest NVDA software for the best browsing experience with the display software.
If there are sections of the site where you have accessibility problems, you can contact the accessibility coordinator whose contact information is given below.
Accessible format - The company provides its customers with the opportunity to receive information in accessible formats. The accessibility of the information is free and intended for people with disabilities. Accessibility inquiries and information may be sent to the company's accessibility coordinator, whose information is provided below in this accessibility statement.

Your Requests and Suggestions for Accessibility:

We would like to point out that we continue our efforts to improve the accessibility of the Company as part of our commitment to ensure that the entire population, including people with disabilities, has the most accessible service.

If you encounter any accessibility issues or malfunctions, we will be happy to let you know and we will do our best to find a suitable solution for you and resolve the malfunction as soon as possible.

Contact the Accessibility Coordinator at MEDIACLICK:

E-mail: bilgi@mediaclick.com.tr

Accessibility statement updated on 20.04.2023

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