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With our 20 years of experience in the industry; user experience (UX) our understanding of simple and creative design in the foreground, birleştirirerek our R & D center with intelligent software technologies to produce our software engineers, Turkey's giant brands ranging from SMEs.


Istanbul,Manisa Front End Developer #CSS3 #HTML5 #SASS #JS
Front End Developer


To our MediaClick Web Agency;

  • Extremely well versed in the above concepts,
  • Able to write original JS code, understand existing JS codes easily,
  • At least 3 years of experience in the industry (Preferably completed military service),
  • Having reference works that can present online or offline,

We are looking for Senior Front-End Developer teammates.

Manisa Back-End Developer #PHP, #Mysql, #Laravel, #OOP, #GIT
Back-End Developer
  • Good knowledge of PHP programming language and MySQL
  • Worked on PHP frameworks, preferably Laravel
  • Able to use technologies such as Ajax / XML / JSON
  • Knowing the OOP/MVC structure
  • Preferably, previously developed works on web site management panels, web projects
  • Having knowledge of server, database, code optimization codes
  • Will work full time or part time

We are looking for Senior Back-End Developer teammates

Istanbul Web UI Designer #AdobeXD
Web UI Designer
  • To MediaClick Istanbul Office,
  • To work full time
  • Preferably residing on the Anatolian side or having no transportation problems,
  • Preferably fluent in English
  • Having strong web design interface references,
  • At least 3 years of experience,
  • Knowledge of UX, responsive interface designs,
  • We are looking for Senior Web Interface Designer.

We are looking for Senior Web Interface Designer.

We kindly ask you to share a link where we can see your previous work while applying.

Manisa Javascript / Mobile Developer #Flutter
Javascript / Mobile Developer
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in software development
  • Experienced in Dart programming language,
  • Experienced in project development with Flutter Framework on mobile,
  • Experienced in modern Back End technologies PHP Laravel, NodeJS, mongoDB, elasticsearch, WebSocket, WebRTC,
  • Experienced in web services SOAP, JSON, XML and REST APIs,
  • Experienced in Web and Mobile Projects, Product Management, Product Development and Product Scaling,
  • Experienced in SaaS and high traffic products,
  • High performance, sustainable and reusable coding capability,
  • Understanding the SOLID principles of Object Oriented Programming,
  • Having a good command of Agile Methodology in software development processes, its teams have taken part in projects with this methodology,
  • Knowledge of modern Front End technologies HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, VueJs,
  • Knowledge of Microservices and Cloud Architecture,
  • Experienced in database design and architecture, worked in MySQL and NoSQL databases,
  • Worked with Docker, AWS, Azure technologies on the server side,
  • Version Management Tools (DevOps) Git, Jenkins etc. worked with,
  • Software, Testing and Automation Tools Jmeter, Postman and SoapUI etc. knowledgeable about
  • We are looking for a teammate who has knowledge about Code Security and performance.
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